Technical and Background

The Cloud Control Center

We use a sophisticated web-based software system that controls all displays worldwide. Every urinal display that is built into a urinal is connected to the internet. From each of these individual systems, we have a lot of information about location, target group, etc. Modern technology is needed to ensure that advertisements play precisely at the right place and at the right time. This is all done in our “Cloud Control Center”. This advanced software system enables our employees to plan and manage all campaigns. It is fully operable and accessible via the internet.

The system takes all variables into account. For example, if a campaign crosses national borders and can only be played at specific times, or different time zones that exist worldwide.

The software we use for this is developed and owned by us, and managed by our own technicians.

Our built-in video players

The built-in video players are of industrial quality! Our own design is mass-produced for us in Europe. The video players are meant to last a long time! The players have a heavy duty design and are mounted to prevent dust from accumulating and is water tight.

The players are standardly equipped with a built-in sensor. This sensor detects a man’s presence upon his arrival at a urinal. The video player is switched off by default. As soon as a man stands in front of the waterless urinal, the video starts playing. All data that this sensor collects is stored, for example, how many men watched the video, how long did they do it, where did it happen, etc.

“Power over IP” charges our players, which means that they obtain their power via the internet cable. A normal CAT5 cable provides the player with both internet and power. This also means that we do not use WiFi. This prevents malfunctions and the system is not susceptible to WiFi security problems.

Where can you find us?

There are increasingly more locations in the Netherlands where the Mr.Friendly urinal is installed. From Groningen to Maastricht, these are the locations where your video advertisement can be shown.

Sustainable advertising

Every advertising video saves almost a liter of water per flush. Real sustainable advertising! We re-invest advertising revenues in new locations and save more potable water.