Small- and medium-sized businesses

Effectively raise your company’s profile

Decide for yourself where, when and to whom you advertise

You can easily select Mr.Friendly urinals if they are already installed in your target market. That way you only advertise in your own region, limiting your numbers and costs!

If you want to advertise nationally, but only appeal to a specific target group, then the possibilities are endless. Examples: only men who go to the gym, only young men (or not), or men living only in big cities, etc.

In addition to selecting on a regional basis or by target group, you can also advertise only at specific times. Only during the day, for example, or only on the weekend. If you want a short campaign that is specifically tailored to a special event, that is also possible. A specific campaign, for example, with respect to Mother’s Day, which runs until Mother’s Day and then no longer afterwards.

Determine your own price

The Mr.Friendly urinal is equipped with a presence sensor. We also measure exactly how often your video has been shown to men. In this way you can determine how much attention you want. You can determine the price, starting from 1,000 views per month. You can advertise in a unique way for only a few bucks per month!

You limit the numbers by not speaking to every man. Only a specific region, target group or just advertising on a specific day or time. Everything is possible!

You can also automatically limit the number of views. Allow us to manage your budget and we will allocate the number of videos played so that your budget is not exceeded. This makes advertising on Mr.Friendly urinals via TwinSight Media suitable for both small and larger advertisers.

Your first video is free!

You need a short but good customized video to speak to the men in your target audience. Do you have experience with this? If not, we are happy to help you! We will produce your first video free of charge! The costs for such a video are not excessive, because it only takes 8 seconds on average and has no sound. All the more reason to regularly develop nice and new, short videos.

Where can you find us?

The Mr.Friendly urinal is installed free of charge at bustling and popular locations in large cities throughout the Netherlands!

Sustainable advertising

Are you interested in sustainable advertising? Start your campaign here.