Our locations are diverse, busy and popular places. We can only save a lot of water when it is busy! So we can be found in the cities or busy places throughout the Netherlands. Nearly everywhere. Consider the following locations:

  • Restaurants and cafes.
  • Nightlife such as bars and clubs.
  • Sports facilities such as racket clubs, fitness locations, field hockey and football clubs, etc.
  • Theaters, busy museums or other places where many people visit.

National advertising

Mr.Friendly urinals are being installed more and more throughout the Netherlands. Spanning the country from Groningen to Maastricht, your video advertising can be displayed.

Mr.Friendly urinals are installed in busy and popular locations. The locations are spread throughout the country and are constantly expanding! Check out more in News! Reach male visitors with advertisements in restaurants, nightlife, events and sports locations.

National advertising does not mean that selections cannot be made. As an advertiser you reach locations throughout the country, but for example limited by the timing or type of man (choice of target group).

Advertising in Amsterdam

We have several locations in Amsterdam. Various restaurants, bars, clubs and sport locations in our capital city provide sustainable Mr.Friendly urinals.

Amsterdam is busy and a popular destination for tourism! This means that many people can be reached with our Mr.Friendly network at good locations.

Some well-known names: Escape on Rembrandtplein, Club Abe, Olympic Stadium and the Marnix public swimming pool. You can also reach many other nice restaurants, bars, clubs, etc. with the Mr.Friendly urinals network.

Advertising in Amsterdam doesn’t mean other selections can’t be done. For example you reach locations in Amsterdam but limited by time or type of man (target group) or you can target your advertising to young people, ages 18-23.

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Advertising in the Gooi

Laren, Naarden, Bussum, Huizen, Hilversum. All places where you can advertise on the Mr.Friendly network.

There are big advertising opportunities in Theater Gooiland in Hilversum or modest advertising at Café ’t Raedthuys in Bussum. Everything is possible. Both locations or individually. On average more can is spent in Het Gooi, making it an interesting target group for many advertisers.

The Mr.Friendly network is constantly being expanded in the Gooi. Check out News for the latest locations!
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Advertising in Haarlem area

You can advertise in Haarlem at various trendy and pleasant locations. Communicate your message to men visiting, working or living in the bustling city center of Haarlem or men playing golf at Golfbaan Spaarnwoude.

The Mr.Friendly waterless urinals, in which messaging is advertised sustainably, are installed at various locations. Think of a cozy cafe such as Pand 13 or a nice place to eat such as Brasserie van Beinum. You can also advertise just outside of Haarlem, golf course Spaarnwoude is a good example of this.

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Advertising in central Netherlands

Advertising in central Netherlands means that you do not advertise specifically in a larger city, but in the surrounding smaller municipalities located there. To get a better picture, draw a line across Alkmaar and Zwolle and a line across Rotterdam and Arnhem. Everything in between is roughly the area that you reach.

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Advertising in bigger cities

You can easily target men in select locations in larger Dutch cities. In this case, we only select cities with more than 100,000 inhabitants.

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Choose regions yourself

Of course you can also choose regions yourself. Do you have a specific municipality in mind? Let us know which one(s) and decide for yourself where and when your campaign is active.

We would like to extend our geographic reach

TwinSight, together with Mr.Friendly, is constantly investing in new locations. Locations are added every week. This is partly because we donate the urinals. Your advertisement therefore actively contributes to saving water! You can find out how that works in this short VIDEO. To find out more about Mr.Friendly, go to www.mrfriendly.nl.

Where to find us?

We can be found throughout the Netherlands, from Groningen to Maastricht, with more locations being added every week.

Mr.Friendly’s mission

Mr.Friendly has a mission; saving clean, potable drinking water.