About TwinSight Media

Time for coffee?

TwinSight Media in its current form is relatively new! Our technology though has been around for a while. With a few other concepts, we have been working hard for several years to get the technology to where it is today. We work with our own software and our own specific hardware. This ensures stability and continuity.

Within TwinSight Media we respond to the current situation, where it is becoming more and more difficult to get people’s attention within an increasingly busy environment. Pushing through information at the wrong time leads, in our opinion, to irritation rather than adoption. Just look at the many adblockers and the click and zapping behavior of people. TwinSight Media is looking for the few moments that people still have and are then only receptive to information.

With partners in various countries, our own branches and employees in both the Netherlands and the United States, we are able to serve our customers worldwide. The Cloud Control Center, which we developed ourselves, manages all our customers worldwide.

Nice solutions and smart techniques, but as far as we are concerned, it starts with personal contact. Time for coffee? We would like to meet you and your ideas.