Advertising specifications

Average 8 seconds of attention

One-to-one attention from men is guaranteed when you advertise on a Mr.Friendly urinal. The man who views your video watches it on average 8 seconds. Tailor your video to this. Grab his attention in the first few seconds to deliver your messaging.
Use flashy imagery and short, concise text that captures his attention.

Standard video length

We use a standard video length of 8 seconds. Prefer something a little longer? This can be extended per second. We recommend that the video does not last longer than 10 seconds. A short, catchy video generally has more impact than too much information.

Bumper ads

If you prefer a short video lasting 3 or 4 seconds that is shown more frequently (or in connection with the standard video), choose a bumper ad. Use it as a teaser or as an ad reminder (form of re-marketing).

Customized videos

TwinSight Media develops customized advertising materials tailored to your product and target audience. We work with you to figure out who you want to reach and the message you wish to convey. Based on this, we create a catchy video for you. Interested? We are happy to tell you more. Contact us at [email protected] or call us on +31 (0) 88 39 29 290.

Provide your own advertising material

If you want to provide your own advertising material, you can deliver it via [email protected]. When supplying material, please use the following requirements:

  • provide material no later than 2 working days before the campaign starts
  • file format MPEG-4, M4V or AVI
  • 800 x 480 px (W x H) image size
  • standard video length 8 seconds (consult us if it is another length)

Additional Terms and Conditions

In our additional terms and conditions section, we describe video requirements and what is prohibited.