Reaching men effectively

Undivided attention from men!

That is what we want

You don’t need to doubt if that will happen. We only reach men! If that is your purpose, you are in good hands with us! Join us to reach the men in your target group in a different way. Digital and at a unique moment. Modern and state-of-the-art.

Many ‘Out of Home’ products are busy juggling numbers. Logical, because you want a good idea of the reach. We do it differently and measure exactly how many men we reach. Just physically on site. No “general surveys” but hard numbers so that you know exactly what your campaign is doing in terms of reach.

Determining the target group

Every week we expand the locations where our Mr.Friendly urinal is installed. Every urinal provides important data about this location. Which men come here? What are they doing there? When are they there? Which products can be purchased there, etc.? All that data is recorded in our state-of-the art “Cloud Control Center,” where the various campaigns are managed.

We make selections based on the recorded data, so that we can reach the desired target group as best as possible. Indicate which men you want to reach and we will make the right selection for you. There are many different options. For example, select criterion such as:

Time and day(s)

We can easily select the time so that your campaign is delivered exactly at the right moment. For example, only weekdays, weekends, in the evening or only during the daytime. We can set clearly defined campaign periods, such as from the 1st to the 12th of the month.

Type of location

Where could the man in your target group be reached? Is he exercising at the gym or playing football? Is he having a nice evening out in a restaurant or in a bar? We easily set up the screens on which your campaign will or will not appear as well as set up a combination of these. So a certain location, but only at specific times. That is also possible.

Type of men

We can easily choose between different categories of men. For example, young men, students, higher social classes, etc. We will work with you to choose so that the campaign reaches the precise target group.

Geographic locations

We know exactly from each display device where it’s installed. So it is easy to make choices about the geographic location. Combinations are also possible, for example: intensive in Amsterdam and less intensive in Friesland.

Do you have other wishes about selection? We can help!

Reaching men effectively

The built-in video player of the sustainable Mr.Friendly waterless urinal enables us to only reach men. The man who visits the Mr.Friendly urinal is usually relaxed and hardly distracted. His brain is open to your message! The moment could hardly be any better.

Here are a few of the advantages:

  • Relaxation.
  • Good mood. He is exercising, enjoying a hobby, or out at night with loved ones.
  • Hardly distracted.
  • High attention value. The video only starts playing when the man arrives at the urinal.
  • These animated images immediately attract his attention.

A campaign on the Mr.Friendly urinal will ensure the message will certainly arrive and last!

Is the “environment of the lavatory” suitable for my campaign?

The way our brain functions indicates that this is a good and effective way to reach a man! Our brain is very accessible at that precise moment. The message stays but at the time of purchase the man has “forgotten” where he has seen the product or brand name.

Using a urinal for a man is just as usual as shopping. He thinks it’s normal. Another advantage is that a man generally does not find the displayed advertisement annoying because he has nothing else to do. This is in contrast to many other times when this is the case and your advertisement is considered undesirable.