Sustainable advertising

Sustainable advertising

Advertise sustainably on Mr.Friendly urinals

The world around us is rapidly evolving toward sustainability. New generations of people want your company and brand to be responsible in the world we live in. An eye for our surroundings and protecting the environment has become increasingly important.

At TwinSight Media, every advertisement is immediately converted into new water-saving urinals! Where else are you able to advertise in such a sustainable way? TwinSight Media (together with Mr.Friendly) proves that environmentally-friendly is also business-friendly.

How does it work?

Together with Mr.Friendly we install waterless urinals. These urinals save 3 liters of water per visit from a man.

Meanwhile thousands of men use these waterless urinals and save thousands of liters of expensive potable water. Waterless urinals don’t rinse with water, rather with a state-of-the-art, smart solution to keep the urinal hygienic and fresh.

Urinals are donated

Mr.Friendly donates waterless urinals to busy and popular locations. This concept is unique in the world. The urinals are not only free of charge but the installation is free as well.

Existing water flushing urinals are removed and replaced with waterless urinals. The site holder receives these nice, modern urinals free of charge.

It is then also no wonder that the number of installed urinals are rapidly growing.

Built-in video player

Mr.Friendly urinal is equipped with a video player that enables this environmentally-friendly investment. Sponsors’ messages can be displayed on the video screen. Sponsors make this initiative happen!

TwinSight Media is responsible for the content that is displayed on the urinal screens. This water-saving initiative is made possible by sponsor campaigns. Do something good for our environment by advertising on the Mr.Friendly urinal.

Ingebouwde videospeler

Where can you find us?

The Mr.Friendly urinal is installed free of charge at bustling and popular locations in large cities throughout the Netherlands!

Mr.Friendly urinal

The unique Mr.Friendly urinal with a built-in media player is waterless and sustainable!