Additional Conditions

What are the requirements that the (advertising) video must meet?

  • Texts are legible and written in correct Dutch or English.
  • The target group content is relevant and understandable.
  • Images are clear and suitable.
  • Contact details are relevant, accurate and actual.
  • Statements are based on truth.
  • Identity of the advertiser is clearly communicated by mentioning an (organization) name, logo and / or website.
  • Advertiser has all legal rights for the distribution of the information and images in the video.
  • (Advertisement) video meets the regulations of the Advertising Code Committee.

What is not allowed in the (advertising) video?

  • Misleading advertising.
  • Advertising for soft and hard drugs or drug-related products, tobacco or
  • tobacco-related products.
  • Aggressive advertising including advertisements that incite; or incite
  • discrimination, violence or other criminal offenses.
  • Advertising for products designed to circumvent certain laws and other illegal products and / or services.
  • Offensive, controversial or inappropriate content that may be perceived as offensive including negative statements about individuals, organizations or other groups.
  • Use of content without permission, which infringes on the (intellectual property) rights of third parties, or is otherwise not legally permitted.
  • Placement of trust, quality or other similar labels without the required permission.
  • Violation of the regulations of the Advertising Code Committee.

Important Note: If a location holder is of the opinion that a certain video is not suitable for his/her location, he/she is entitled to request removal of this video from us.