Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

Why does advertising on a Mr.Friendly urinal work so well?

  • The man who uses the urinal is relaxed and generally happy. He is having a night out and is surrounded by friends and loved ones. This makes him relaxed. He is receptive to your message.
  • There is little distraction. Because there are few other stimuli, the man pays attention to your message.
  • The display stands out. The screen only comes on when the man stands in front of it. Animated images immediately attract his attention.

What exactly does the sensor do?

The sensor measures presence.

  • If no one is in front of the urinal, the display is off. Energy efficient and sustainable!
  • The sensor makes it possible to collect data. How often has the video been played, when and where? Did he actually view the video?

How does a waterless urinal work?

A waterless urinal does not flush with water, instead it works with a special odor trap. Ultra-modern and sustainable! Would you like to learn more? Check out

Why is advertising on the Mr.Friendly urinal sustainable?

A normal urinal uses approximately 3 liters of water per visit. We donate waterless urinals! This is only possible if there is sufficient income from advertisements. Advertising on a Mr.Friendly urinal therefore provides a direct and real water savings.

Can I advertise on the Mr.Friendly urinal with a low budget?

Small advertisers also come to us. They usually only advertise in the region or, for example, at limited times. The sensor keeps track of how often the video has been played. It is therefore also easy to set a maximum.

Why is there so little ``waste``?

In this case, waste is defined as played videos that do not fall within the target group. If your target group is men, you do not have any waste, because it is only men who watch your video message.

Where are Mr.Friendly urinals installed?

Mr.Friendly urinals are being installed in more and more places across the Netherlands. From Groningen to Maastricht. Do you want to know if there are possibilities in your area? Contact us now!

What kind of locations do I advertise on?

Mr.Friendly is donated to businesses in places where a lot of water can be saved. So busy and popular locations. Think in particular hospitality, entertainment as well as sports locations.

Is the ``environment of the lavatory`` suitable for my campaign?

The functioning of our brain shows that this is a good and effective moment! Our brain is very accessible and receptive at that precise moment. At the time of purchase, the man has “forgotten” where he has seen the product or brand name. In addition, using a urinal for a man is just as common as shopping. It’s completely normal to him. Another advantage that can be mentioned is that the man generally does not find the displayed advertisement annoying. He just has nothing else to do. This is in contrast to many other times when he finds advertising undesirable.