Advertising is essential, but it needs to be seen!

Guaranteed views of your advertising

TwinSight Media displays advertisements and information, reaching a fully accessible audience that will undoubtedly view your message. Can we prove it? Absolutely. Each view is captured and measured to help you analyze the effectiveness of your advertising dollar.

We are constantly bombarded by advertisements. Our brain is wired to click away an ad or ignore it altogether.

No matter how powerful and persuasive your ad is, the people you’re trying to reach won’t always be receptive to your message because of inconvenient timing. But if your ad makes a deep enough impression at the opportune moment, they’ll remember you.

Precise timing is crucial to reach your target audience.

TwinSight Media provides a total smart solution offering cost-effective media that utilizes customized channels and state-of-the-art, interactive displays, precisely when a person’s receptivity to information is high.

One such channel is Mr.Friendly.

Mr.Friendly is a customized, waterless urinal with an inbuilt display and presence sensor that transmits information and advertisements to urinating gentlemen. Reaching gentlemen at the height of their receptivity maximizes the return on your advertising dollar.

Guaranteed views, and fun too! Check out for more information.

Another key component provided by TwinSight Media is the Cloud Control Center, which allows you to customize your messaging to the appropriate target audience. It is an extensive suite of tools designed to give you precise control of your advertising reach.

You may select your geographic reach, the type of location as well as your target audience. For example, you want to target your advertising toward male tennis players who belong to an exclusive tennis club in a Las Vegas suburb. You select and we display your message!

Read more how TwinSight Media can deliver your message to your target audience and help with your advertising proposition.

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Guaranteed views of your advertising

Only pay for what is viewed