X-Sight: A unique combination of hardware and software

X-sight is a unique hardware and software combination enabling real plug and play displays

X-Sight is a unique professional display with interactive capabilities that are used in the various channels of TwinSight Media. However, when we say “display,” then we really don’t do X-Sight justice, because it’s much more!

X-Sight is a state-of-the-art combination of hardware and software that ensures our displays are truly plug and play. Only two plugs are needed – power and internet – and bingo! X-Sight displays your message.

X-Sight is fully equipped with built-in technology that detects when a person’s attention is on the screen. Our on-board software, developed in-house, ensures the system operates smoothly and reliably. And that’s without having to wait for configurations, calibrations, additional computers and all the other complications that you’re not expecting.

X-Sight is a unique product available in various sizes, configurations and resolutions. It works seamlessly with the Cloud Control Center, our user-friendly cloud software that enables us to remotely control all screens.