Employee safety and vitality starts with awareness

Your organization has many hardworking people and naturally needs good safety and vitality. You try to reach your employees across different channels but this is not at all easy!

Production and warehouse employees don’t always work with computers. They do physical labor, working in the warehouse or factory, dealing with the incoming and outgoing goods. They use their muscles to do their work. Employee safety and vitality are therefore crucial. This begins with awareness.

Communicating information to create awareness is of the utmost importance. But how do you do that? How do you reach a target audience that works hard, does not look at a screen and is not always interested in receiving information on paper?

Use TwinSight Media for your information needs, for example in combination with the media player in the Mr.Friendly waterless urinal. Here you are assured that your advertising will receive 40 seconds of undivided attention from men. Several times a day.

Check out Mr.Friendly’s website to learn how you can cost-effectively communicate with your employees.