Time for a coffee?

TwinSight Media is an innovative start-up with a team of dedicated technology professionals with years of experience under the belt. Our technology has evolved over a period of time, molding various concepts to the technology that it is today. We work with fully proprietary software, specially adapted to our own in-built hardware. This ensures stability and continuity.

TwinSight Media stays on top of the current market’s needs, developing the technological services necessary to capture people’s time and attention in an increasingly busy modern world. We analyze traffic from ad-blockers, click-through and zapping to better understand and monitor consumer behavior.

Impressions of information at the wrong time can lead to irritation rather than adoption of a service. TwinSight Media researches the opportunistic moments when people are receptive to information.

We are a worldwide service company with partners in various countries and our own offices and employees in both the Netherlands and the United States. We serve these customers in large part from our proprietary Cloud Control Center.

Nice solutions and smart technology are key components, but we also recognize the importance of relationship building.

Time for a coffee? We would like to know you better and hear your ideas.