Inform your employees and guests

Once your employee starts using Mr. Friendly urinal, he will have a few moments with nothing to do – but view your messaging. Seize this opportunity to keep him updated in a unique and modern way!

Your organization has a lot to tell. Not only to external parties such as clients and customers, but also to your own employees. You have important information that you wish to share with all employees.

Some information is a one-off message. Think, for example, to the latest product news, information about the upcoming company outing or the dates of the next fire drill. Other information is properly rehearsed; think for example about the company’s mission or safety rules that need to be enforced.

It is important that employees receive company information and even more so, that it has been read?

TwinSight Media helps you to bring this information to your employees or your guests. You can accurately arrange which information is shown, the time, and at which specific urinals, thanks to our advanced Cloud Control Center.

At TwinSight Media we only display your message when we’ve got his attention.

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